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Broken Mirror

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I drove my first truck in the oilfields in late 1974. My experience over the next few years included hauling an array of products on a regional basis. I took a 30 year hiatus returning to professional driving in 2010. From the very start, there is one piece of equipment that I'm convinced is essential to any truck – period, and that is numerous, quality mirrors.

You might think “well, duh”, but understand that I'm not talking here about having a couple of mirrors to just get you by – I'm talking about having as much 'full coverage' as is possible on a commercial motor vehicle. If at all possible every truck should be equipped with a minimum compliment of 6 mirrors to minimize blind spots, ease blind-side backing, and keep an eye on traffic all around you. In my opinion good, plentiful mirrors are the best and cheapest insurance you can buy.

However, all mirrors are not created equal. Some are too small thus limiting their usefulness.Others come with accessories such as heaters to clear the ice in winter and motors to adjust on the fly in critical situations. But regardless of how large, how many, how well equipped with accessories, or how expensive they might be they must be clean and of good physical condition to be of any use. If these two basic requirements are not met then they can never fulfil their purpose. Allow me to illustrate.

I have a personal flatbed pickup truck that I rarely drive anymore since I live on the road. A few months ago I was hooking my trailer to the truck and saw two images in the right-hand mirror. Why? Well, in spite of my strong feelings about the need for plentiful, good mirrors I can also be abit of a tight-wad. Yes, I'm cheap. Therefore, I have not yet replaced the right-hand mirror which is broken. It is cracked, actually split, in the center from top to bottom. Both halves remain in place but when looking in the mirror at anything along the fault line it gives a distorted, double image. An accurate reflection is impossible because the mirror itself is flawed.

I think that pretty well illustrates the reality of a Christian who is not living in fellowship with Christ. Common terminology in the Church for such a believer is “backslider”. That defines a great many of us, all of us in fact at some time or other. So, how is such a believer like a broken mirror?

Well, we are called to be a reflection of our Lord in a sinful world in need of a saviour. In a sense, we should be something of a 'mirror'. But, if that instrument (mirror) is faulty can it be expected to reflect anything more than a distorted image? To put the question in another way, “Does what others see in you reflect the person and nature of Christ, or do you present a distorted image?”

Uncomfortable? Good. Most of us should be.

Being Christ's representative, His ambassador, is what we are called to be. We are to reflect the image of His person, His nature, His love, His desires. Sound tough? You bet it is. But then you do understand don't you that real Christianity is not for sissies?

Here is our call, our responsibility...

(Romans 8:29)
For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Did you catch that? As believers we are to be “conformed to the image of his Son”. That is, we are to look like Jesus (in character, not physically). We are to present a reflection of Christ. How then is this possible if we are a 'broken mirror'? That is, if we ourselves are flawed by sin, then how can we give an accurate reflection of our Lord?

I'm not suggesting here that we can be perfect. No one is. However, knowing that we have that sin nature is no excuse to live in sin. Whenever we do sin we should deal with it immediately through confession and repentance.

(1John 1:9)
If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins,and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Perhaps, like a dirty mirror, you need a good cleaning. Maybe today you recognize that you've lived in rebellion against God to the point that your whole life and usefulness to kingdom work is broken. If so,you now know what to do about it, don't you? Take it to Jesus and leave it there.

As one whose lifestyle is rooted in travel, you have the unique opportunity and responsibility to represent Christ wherever you go. What reflection do you give? Is it a distorted image of Christ or as one who is sincere about your faith and love for Christ can others see Jesus in you? On The Go Ministry means to always take Christ with you. Let us at minimum wipe the mirror clean, or if needed replace what's broken in our lives through genuine repentance of sin and commitment to Christ.

~Larry Schoonover
(Originally posted on Facebook, January 04, 2014)

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