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Sermon series through particular Bible books. Recorded live as part of weekly Bible study sessions in previous Churches that Larry Schoonover served as pastor.

Edited tapes from "Goshen Bible Class", a weekly radio broadcast in Eastern Wyoming from late 1989 through most of 1990. Program was sponsored by Goshen Baptist Church, Torrington, Wyoming and was published and hosted by Pastor Larry Schoonover.

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Welcome to OnTheGoMinisty's "Sunday Meeting". Each week we will be posting a sermon just for our travelers. It will often be taken from tape archives from Brother Larry's files, but may also include recordings of guest preachers or even sermons prepared each week just for this ministry.

Because it is difficult, often impossible, for travelers to attend their home Church services or even to find access to a chapel service along their travel route, these messages are meant to fill that gap and allow you to worship along with like-minded people via this ministry.

We hope that they bless your life and that you freely share them with your circle of friends.

- Larry Schoonover

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Misc. topical studies.

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