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FAQ's Of Life

What are the "FAQ's Of Life"?

There is not one of us who does not wrestle with certain questions and issues that come up in the course of daily life. Many issues we face we can categorize simply as "black and white", that is to say that we are settled in our stance or understanding of the issue. We are confident in our position and can explain to others why we believe what we believe on the matter. 

Other times however, we face questions that are not so clear to us. These fall into that which we often label as a "grey" area. This section labeled as "The FAQ's Of Life" is of course a play on words, but is intended to give folks an opportunity to seek input on the questions of daily life that they struggle with.

For example, I have had veterans who wrestled for many, many years whether or not God would forgive them and save their soul because they took a life on the battlefield. What does the Bible say about this? 

I'm sure you get the point. This is a place where you can submit your own questions from daily life. If appropriate, we'll try to post a response here, although it is possible that some questions could be of such personal nature that it might be best to reply in private message. Hopefully, a public discussion of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) of life will be helpful to many.


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